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Who we are.

We possess a combined 40+ years experience in refining the operations of some of the worlds most prestigious hotels and resorts. Our portfolio encompasses: Fairmont - Raffles Hotels & Resorts, The Peninsula Hotels, Kempinski Hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Urban Resort Concepts.

We have worked with luxury property across the globe, in continents such as: Europe, United States, Caribbean, the Middle East and multiple countries within Asia.

Founder & Managing Partner

David Nuenemann

Career history over the past 10 years:

Since end 2019         Shoreline Hospitality


2018 – 2019              Canouan Group, Canouan – ST VINCENT

                                           Owner Representative & Asset Manager


2016 – 2018              The Pink Sands Club, Canouan – ST VINCENT

                                           (later rebranded Mandarin Oriental Canouan)

                                           Canouan Estate, Canouan – ST VINCENT

                                           Tamarind Beach Club, Canouan – ST VINCENT

                                           General Manager


2015 – 2016              Kempinski Hotel, Dalian – CHINA

                                           Executive Assistant Manager


2013 – 2015              Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, Dubai – UAE

                                           Director of Food & Beverage


2010 – 2012              Canouan Resort, Canouan – ST VINCENT

                                           Hotel Manager


You can see the complete vita here


David's expertise


Food & Beverage

Sales & Marketing

Asset Management


With a total of almost 10 years, the time in the Caribbean was definitely one of the most formative in David's career. There he was responsible for numerous renovations, redesigns and the successful implementation of them. For a long time, training and further education of the local team members was just as important to him as overcoming the logistical difficulties that such a remote destination brought with it almost every day.

A creative way of dealing with problems, which often led to unconventional solutions, ultimately allowed him to approach almost any situation without losing his composure.


David's strengths are clearly in the food & beverage area. In private, too, everything revolves around restaurants for him and all trips are primarily planned around visits to restaurants. He is also an ambitious hobby chef and passionate wine collector.

Founder & Managing Partner

Andreas Acker

Career history over the past 10 years:

Since end 2019        Shoreline Hospitality

2018 – 2019             The PuShang Hotel & Spa, Xiamen – CHINA

                                          General Manager

2016 – 2018             The Pink Sands Club, Canouan – ST VINCENT

                                          (later rebranded Mandarin Oriental Canouan)

                                          Resident Manager

2015 – 2016             Kempinski Hotel, Fuzhou – CHINA

                                          Resident Manager

2014                              Al Qasr & Dar Al Masyaf at Madinat

                                          Jumeirah, Dubai – UAE

                                          Executive Assistant Manager Rooms


2011 – 2013             The Puli Hotel & Spa, Shanghai – CHINA

                                          Resident Manager

2009 – 2010              Aleenta Resort & Spa, Phuket – THAILAND

                                          Resident Manager

You can see the complete vita here


Andreas' expertise


Rooms Division

Performance Management


Spa & Retail



Andreas has spent more than half of his professional career in China and Hong Kong, where he got to know a completely different side of the hotel industry.

For him, the affinity to luxury is much more pronounced in China than in the Western world and this is of course also reflected in the hotels and subsequently all services offered.


The industry is also far more fast-paced than in Europe or the USA and what is still relevant today will be considered old again tomorrow. You practically have no time to rest and you have to reinvent yourself every day in order to survive in a very competitive environment.


Andreas has accompanied numerous hotels from the start and was instrumental in the successful positioning of the respective property. Pronounced project management skills are definitely one of his core strengths.

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