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Hotel & Resort 360° Review.

Our bespoke 360° review is an innovative solution, which aims to enable owners to identify whether their property is generating sufficient revenue without exceeding budget.


Along with financials, we audit operations and administrative departments to ensure full compliance with current standards. Our review process covers the following key areas:


  • Hotel or Resort mystery shopping

  • Assessment of Sales Activity and Online Visibility

  • In depth analysis of financial statements of the past 12 months

  • Auditing of operations department

  • Auditing of administrations department

  • Monthly financial review for the next three months after the audit


Further to auditing, you will be provided with a comprehensive report outlining the status quo of your property and highlighting all identified opportunities for growth, together with a detailed list of suggested actions.


With our combined expertise and experience in the hotel consulting industry, we are very confident in delivering an invaluable service to your property. We are able to assure that our audits will be beneficial for overall property performance, with all suggestions stemming from our team’s extensive experience and an objective exploration of your existing infrastructure.


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