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Hotel Financial Review.

  • Are you sure your company is generating the revenue it could?

  • Why do target / actual deviations occur in individual areas?

  • Is there a need for optimization in terms of strategic alignment, cost management or operational orientation?

  • Which measures are to be implemented in which order to increase the profitability of the company?

  • How can costs be reduced sustainably?

  • Which measures lead to rapid increases in sales?

  • How do improvement potentials have an economic impact after implementation?


Our analysis, as independent consultants, is based on the following points, among others:


  • Identification of weak points and opportunities to increase sales, as well as savings

  • Benchmarking / industry-specific comparison of key figures

  • Developing a practice-oriented catalog of measures to grow and improve the overall performance of your company

  • Further suggestions based on the respective regional circumstances and the company strategy


We would be happy to support you in the long-term analysis of your monthly and annual results and also support you and your team with the following measures:


  • Creation of forecasts, budgets and investment plans

  • Regular meetings to pursue set goals and coordinate them if necessary



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