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Review of Sales Activities & Online Visibility.

Online visibility and presence is everything nowadays! Are you sure that you have exhausted all potential avenues and have positioned yourself in the best possible way?


Many of the measures can be implemented relatively inexpensively, using new media, but it takes a lot of time to ensure your company is well positioned in all areas.


We can help you to fundamentally analyze your existing sales framework in order to first determine the current state. Then we would develop a corresponding strategy for optimization and set standards that will help you to stay on the ball in the future and thus create a corresponding competitive advantage.


Our extensive audit to determine the current state includes the following focal points:


  • Complete review of the existing distribution framework, including:

    • Market mix

    • Rate structure

    • Booking channels

    • Contracts with travel agencies, tour operators and key accounts

    • Sales & marketing representation / organizational chart

  • Analysis of the entire online presence:

    • Property website

    • Social media channels

    • Online booking portals

    • Review portals

    • Other marketing channels (Google Ads, Youtube, etc.)


In addition to our independent assessment, as hotel consultants, you will receive a current report from a market leader in the tourism research industry relevant for the particular region (STR Report), which is globally regarded as a benchmark for the hospitality industry.


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