What we do. 

Financial Review.

We are able to offer the following:

  • Analysis of financial statements with focus on monthly revenue and expenditure

  • Identification of areas for cost consolidation and revenue enhancement

  • Compilation of a detailed independent report outlining  opportunities to improve overall performance and growth

  • Suggestions based on unique property context, geographical and market specific economics

Monthly  EUR  1,350

Annual    EUR  13,500

Review of Sales Activities & Online Visibility.

Full review of existing sales framework including but not limited to market mix, rate structure, booking channel distribution, contracts with travel agents, tour operators & corporate accounts and online visibility & activities.

Based on this assessment, a detailed analytical report will be provided, outlining opportunities to improve performances.

This assessment also includes a very detailed hospitality outlook for the specific region by one of the research market leaders, which are used as a benchmark tool in the global hospitality industry.

EUR 3,750 

Hotel & Resort full 360° Review.

Shoreline Hospitality’s bespoke 360° review is an innovative solution, which aims to enable owners to identify whether their property is generating sufficient revenue without exceeding budget.

Along with financials, we audit operations and administrative departments to ensure full compliance with current standards. Our review process covers the following key areas:

  • Hotel or Resort Mystery Shopping

  • Assessment of Sales Activity and Online Visibility

  • In depth analysis of Financial Statements of the past 12 months

  • Auditing of Operations Department

  • Auditing of Administrations Department

  • Monthly Financial Review for the next three months after the audit

Further to auditing, you will be provided with a comprehensive report outlining the status quo of your property and highlighting all identified opportunities for growth, together with a detailed list of suggested actions.

With our combined expertise and experience, we are very confident in delivering an invaluable service to your property. We are able to assure that our audits will be beneficial for overall property performance, with all suggestions stemming from our teams extensive experience and an objective exploration of your existing infrastructure.

EUR 14,500

Owner Representation.

Operations of Hotels and Resorts are growing increasingly complex in the context of current markets. We understand the importance for you, as an owner, to protecting and cultivating your asset and investment. We offer an independent resource to facilitate the same.


Property owners can benefit from the following:


  • Monthly P&L Review

  • Monthly Tri-Monthly forecast Review

  • Annual Budget and Capex Review

  • Quarterly On-Site Business Review

  • Business Compliance Review

Annual EUR 29,500

Interim Management & Project Management.

Shoreline offers bespoke Interim Management and Project Management solutions, tailored to the variables of your property or project.

Price on request

Food & Beverage Menu Engineering.

Menu engineering is a critical component to both a restaurant’s competitive edge and long-term financial health. We will review and curate your existing menus, whilst keeping your vision & guest expectations in mind.

  • SWOT analysis

  • Introduction of market lists to on-site team to get down to costing of each and every menu item

  • Categorize menu items according to profit and popularity

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of current selling prices and subsequent recommendation of revised price points

Assessment is conducted per outlet, with a maximum of three food menus (e.g. breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to wine list, beverage & cocktail menus).

EUR 1,350

Spa Menu Engineering.

In alignment with the increasing demands and rapidly evolving nature of the Spa and Wellness sector, we are able to offer review and development of existing Spa Treatment menus with focus on the following:

  • Analysis of current cost and selling prices

  • Curation of spa treatment options to reflect industry trends

  • Balancing of treatment offerings to align with both trend and consumer need

  • Ensuring financial viability of spa treatment offerings

EUR 850

*Prices stated on this site exclude travel and related expenses. Shoreline Hospitality General Terms & Conditions apply.

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