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Advice on Government Funding (only applicable in Germany).

The legislature has recognized the need for companies to be held up in difficult time and provides professional hotel advice with financial support. There are currently funding opportunities from a wide variety of institutions that young companies, existing companies and companies in difficulty can take advantage of.


The funding database of the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy provides an overview of this. The advisory funding for so-called accredited advisers of the adviser exchange (specialized ‘BAFA‘ hotel consultants) of the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control provides a 50% funding of max. € 4,000 in consulting costs (Berlin, Leipzig and old federal states), 60% (Lüneburg region) or 80% (new federal states) for young companies.

For existing companies and companies in difficulty, the max. consulting fee is € 3,000, which is funded proportionally (up to 90%). However, the consultation is limited to 6 months and may not take up more than 5 days.


As an accredited BAFA consultant, we would be happy to advise you in detail which options in regards to government funding for the hotel & catering industry are available to you.

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